Changing Wellbeing in the Workplace

Empower your workforce with an effective and tailor-made holistic approach. Pop-ups, events and regular slots available.

What is needed

Reflexology is one of the most powerful holistic therapies, yet simple to receive.

All is needed is a tranquil room (it can be a dedicated wellbeing space or a meeting room). No equipment, towels or oils are needed. There is no downtime and the recipient can go back to his/her desk straight after the session.

How it works

Reflexology works best when received regularly but it guarantees plenty of benefits also from one off sessions. This is why when working with organisations I offer three levels of committment.

Choose between regular slots (weekly or fortnightly) or occasional sessions (pop-ups and wellbeing events) for a minimum of 3 hours a day. Every hour can serve 1 person per hour or 2 people per 30 minutes.