Tailored Remedial Massage, Scarwork™ and Reflexology for Women's health in London

Massage, Scarwork™ and Reflexology to restore, relax & rebalance your body

Remedial Massage

Clinical Reflexology


Massage to release the stress & tension of everyday life

Targeted deep tissue and remedial massage can help to relieve tightness and tension in the body, improve circulation and lymph flow and act as a natural analgesic to pain.

Meet Janet

I'm Janet, a qualified massage therapist, reflexologist, and ScarWork™ Therapist. I studied Soft Tissue Therapy at the North London School of Sports Massage and trained in ScarWork with leading scar specialist Emma Holly, and I'm passionate about women's health.

I offer a combination of

  • Deep tissue / Remedial massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot stones
  • Scar Massage
  • Clinical Reflexology
  • Reflexology for women's health

I believe in working with your body to restore balance without the need for harsh or painful manipulation.

Specialist scar massage therapist London

You don't have to live with pain and discomfort from scars. ScarWork™ Therapy is a dedicated scar massage technique that is clinically proven to desensitise painful scar tissue, improve range of movement, and can help improve the visual appearance of scar tissue, for both old and new scars.

ScarWork™ Therapy can be used on a range of scars including:

  • Post-surgery scarring
  • C-Section scar
  • Injury scar tissue
  • Old and new scar tissue


ScarWork™ is a painless therapy, improvements are permanent and are usually achieved in just 5-6 sessions.

Reflexology for women's health

Clinical Reflexology can offer proven therapeutic value for a range of women's health conditions, including:

  • PMS
  • Period Pain
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy discomfort & post-natal recovery
  • Menopause and Peri-menopause symptoms

Reflexology has proven efficacy for many health conditions, but my personal story with pain lead me to focus on the challenges and symptoms affecting women throughout their life.

Home Visit Service IN LONDON available on WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY

London Clinics

Muswell Hill

every Tuesday (5:50 pm - 8:30 pm)

56 Muswell Hill, London, N10 3ST

Winchmore Hill

Saturday (9 am to 2 pm)

160a Hoppers Road, London N21 3LA

Home Visits

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Enjoy treatment in the comfort of your home*.

Home Visits available on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until 9pm

London Mobile Pricing - Reflexology, Scarwork™ & Massage -

For details of my ScarWork™ Therapy packages & pricing click here.


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Gift Vouchers

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Gift Box

Add value to your gift!

When purchasing a treatment voucher, you can choose a Gift Box containing a set of handmade artisan soap, cleansing palo santo, and an exclusive rebalance massage eye mask.

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mobile massage therapy

Mobile massage therapy available across central London up to a 50 minute radius from Wood Green.

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fully licensed & registered

A proud member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists for the highest quality standards.

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remedial & restorative massage

Offering an integrative blend of massage therapy to suit your body's needs.

How often should I have a massage?

Since you are constantly building up tension in your body through everyday movement and lifestyle habits we recommend getting a massage every 2 weeks.

If you do sport or go to the gym- it's even more important to have regular massage to keep yourself injury free.

What is Deep tissue massage good for?

Deep tissue massage works to release trigger points and is great for tension release and relieving tightness in the body.

It's also great for the circulatory system and lymphatic flow.

If you suffer from tension-related headaches, you may find deep tissue massage helpful in reducing their frequency and severity. 

Massage is a natural analgesic - when you relieve tension in the body you naturally relieve pain, so deep tissue massage can be a great complementary therapy when dealing with chronic pain.*

*If you are suffering from a pre-existing health condition, always check with your doctor before having any complementary treatment.

What's the difference between remedial and deep tissue massage?

Remedial massage is similar to Deep Tissue massage in that it can be used to release deep tension and relieve tightness in the body. In addition to deep tissue massage techniques, Remedial massage also uses techniques from Physiotherapy & osteopathy.

Remedial massage may require the client to be more active in the therapy and may use resistance, movement, passive stretching etc.

Remedial massage may be used if there is a particular imbalance in your body. Your massage therapist will assess your body at each treatment to decide if remedial massage is required and you will often receive a combination of massage techniques tailored to your individual needs.

Will massage hurt?

Experts agree that massage doesn't need to hurt to heal, in fact, painful massage may cause more harm than good.

It is possible to achieve deep tension release without exerting extreme pressure on the muscles or causing pain.

I work with your body to exert just the right amount of pressure to release tension in your muscles.

I may also combine deeply soothing and pain-free techniques like hot stone massage and breathwork to gently relieve tension without the pain normally associated with aggressive sports massage.

Your massage should be a relaxing and restorative experience.

What types of massage do you offer?

I offer several different types of massage and sometimes I will tailor a unique mix of massage techniques according to what your body needs.

Types of massage include:

Relaxing/ Restorative

Good for when you're stressed, tired or worn out. Relaxing massage is perfect to lift your spirits and help you sleep. It's also the perfect treat after a busy week.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is suitable for deep tension release and if you do a lot of sport. If you suffer from tension headaches, clench your jaw or feel tension through your body then Deep Tissue massage can help to relieve the tension at a deep level.

Hot Stones

The heat from the hot stones used alongside gentle pressure can release deeply held tension in the body without the need for more aggressive massage techniques that you may come across.

Hot Stone Massage is deeply relaxing and perfect if you don't enjoy more intense massage therapy.

Sports Massage

If you go to the gym, run, cycle or engage in other sports regularly then you may be increasing stress in your body.

Regular sports massage is essential to keeping your body injury free and feeling great over the long-term. I recommend fortnightly sports massage for all regular gym goers and active individuals.

Scar Massage

Scar Therapy massage is a specialised massage technique distinct from normal massage therapy that works to improve skin function when you have scarring on your body.

Scar therapy is offered as a series of treatments and the results are usually permanent.

Visit the Scar therapy massage page for more details

Can I have massage and scar therapy in the same session?

I'm glad you asked. Massage therapy and ScarWork™ are very different so I do not offer the treatments together.

ScarWork™ therapy can only be offered after a full appraisal and as part of a package of Scar therapy treatments.

If you have problematic or untreated scar tissue I recommend that you speak to me about Scar Therapy treatment.

You can of course continue to book separate massage sessions during this time.

What areas of London do you cover?

I offer mobile massage services across central London and up to 50 minutes from Wood Green N22.

Areas I cover include: 

  • Highbury & Islington
  • Camden Town, Gospel Oak
  • St Johns Wood, Hamstead
  • Highgate
  • Upper Holloway
  • Finsbury Park
  • Crouch end, Muswell Hill
  • Wood Green, Stamford Hill
  • Notting Hill, Bayswater
  • Kensington, Belgravia, Pimlico
  • Mayfair, Westminster, Soho Covent Garden
  • Holburn, Clerkenwell
  • City of London
  • Vauxhall, Lambeth, Kennington
  • Southwark