How does reflexology work?

How can reflexology support your health?  My journey with reflexology went from the “scepticism and doubt” stage to a raving fan. I don’t mind confessing that when I decided to enrol in training, my decision was purely practical. (I’d had back surgery, so I needed to complement my massage practice with a therapy that was less…

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How to switch to a natural deodorant without smelling

Body odour isn’t the consequence of your sweat. Sweat doesn’t smell. The apocrine glands in your armpits produce this viscous protein-rich substance we commonly call sweat that once released, comes into contact with the natural bacteria living on the surface of our skin. Here bacteria start to break down the viscous substance and body odour…

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What is Reflexology?

Let’s debunk some of the most common myths about Reflexology. Being one of the most acknowledged therapies in the UK, chances are you have had reflexology once in your life. Reflexology is a recognised complementary therapy used especially in hospices, cancer care and antenatal units within the National Health Care System. Reflexology is not a…

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What to do after a massage – post-massage care

massage therapy to release tight shoulders

With growing evidence to support the use of massage for everything from improving lower-back pain, to reducing anxiety and depression, it stands to reason that you’d want to optimise the effects of your massage treatment, so I’ve put together some advice on what to do after a massage to get the best results: 1. Stay…

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Rebalance massage gets a new look

Rebalance Massage London Website by Be More You Branding

I’m excited to show you the new look branding and website for Rebalance Massage. Existing clients will now be able to book using the online booking section on the website and you’ll be able to see my availability at the touch of a button too. I’ve added lots of useful information in the Frequently Asked…

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